cyclopropane carboxylic acid 

中文名称:环丙甲酸,环丙烷羧酸;环丙酸 ;环丙基甲酸。  
Englisth Name :  cyclopropane carboxylic acid
synomy: Trimethylenecarboxylic acid, cyclic-propionic acid 
CAS NO :1759-53-1 
Formacular :C4H6O2 
Formacular weight: 86.09 
Formacular structure:

Physical properties:
colourless liquid with pungent odor.
melting point : 18-19 C,
boiling point : 88 C (1.7kPa)
relative density: 1.088,
Solubility: soluble in aromatic solvents

Application: used as an API intermediate in medicine and pesticide.


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