Palmitoyl chloride 

别名:十六酰氯 十六碳酰氯
English Name: Palmitoyl chloride,Hexadecanoyl chloride
Formacular weight:274.87
Formacular structure:
Physical properity
colorless ,light yellow transparent liquid, with strong odor and toxic,Strong corrosiveness
can be mixed with organic solvents and dissolved in ether. Decompose in water and ethanol.
Melting: 11-13 C (lit.)
Density: 0.906 g/mL (25 C) (lit,)
Boiling: 199 C (2.6KPa) (lit.)
Refractive index (n20/D): 1.452 (lit.)
Flash point: 160 C
Storage and transportation: producing hydrogen chloride gas in water and contacting with skin will cause burns. Store in a cool, dry ,ventilated warehouse.
Application: used as intermediates and organic synthetic materials for pharmaceuticals, pesticides, surfactants.
In the pharmaceutical industry, antibiotics,  sixteen carbonate and tasteless chloramphenicol are used in the pharmaceutical industry.


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