kojic acid dipalmitate 

Kojic acid dipalmitate
Chemicals name: Kojic acid dipalmitate
     [6-(hexadecanoyloxymethyl)-4-oxo-pyran-3-yl] hexadecanoate
C A S  NO:  79725-98-7
characters: whitewish  flakes crystilline
melting point: 92~96℃ 
Boilting point: 684.7oC at 760 mmHg
Bulk density:  0.99g/cm3    
Main content:  ≥98.5%
Product performance:
a liposulable derivative of kojic acid,without shortage of unstable to light and heat and discoloration of metal ions, but also does not have hydrogen bonds with preservatives, sunscreens, or other active ingredients in the cosmetic system because of its molecular structure, and it will not affect these additives. It has excellent compound performance. As a liposulable additive in cosmetics, it can be absorbed more effectively for the skin besides being easier to formulate and bring good moisturizing effect to the skin.
Application: Mainly used as cosmetic whitening additive. When used in the oil phase, the dosage is 1-3% of the total amount.
Quality standard:   enterprise standard.  
Package and storage:  1 kg, aluminum foil bag, lined with plastic bags. Keep in a airtight, cool place.


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